The Free Digital Toolbox

Audacity (audio recording and editing)
We use this to record and edit the podcast. A very straight forward interface coupled with some very powerful features, including noise removal. All that is missing is an automatic setting to remove ‘ums’ from arts-based podcasts.

Celtx (script writing and production)
A script writing and formatting tool that includes a host of features that make producing theatre, TV, film, animation, radio and comics, a much easier process.

GIMP (image creation and manipulation)
GNU Image Manipulation Program… despite sounding like something that lives in a basement, this is a very capable replacement for Photoshop. Combine it with the GIMPshop plugin to recreate a familiar interface.

Inkscape (vector artwork)
If GIMP is a photoshop replacement, Inkscape is the same for Illustrator. Vector-based artwork creation, ideal for posters, booklets etc.

Ubuntu (operating system and way of life)
If you need an entire operating system for free, you can do far worse than Ubuntu. It also comes with a fantastic (and very large) community and tons of free software of its own.

Pencil (traditional animation tool)
A free tool for creating an animation the old-fashioned way, frame by frame. Try it, it’s fun.

Synfig (vector animation)
Similar to Flash, Synfig lets you create animation easily by setting key frames, and does all of the hard work in between.

Processing (programming interface)
If you’ve seen some interactive digital art installations, the chances are that some of them will be powered by Processing. Another massive community supports this programming system that was created especially with artists in mind.

Dropbox (online storage)
Keeping important documents, videos and files in the cloud has many benefits. You won’t lose it in a crash, it’ll be available from anywhere, and you can collaborate with greater ease. The free account gives you 2GB to get started with too.

WordPress (content management system)
An incrediably versetile CMS. Create websites, online shops, galleries and webcomics. Or just use it as a blog.

An alternative to Youtube, with an emphasis on film-makers and artists. The free account has a 5GB per week limit… which should be enough for most people.

A free screen recording tool.

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