The Sunday Morning Hangover #2

So, bloody hell. That’s episode 2 in the can.

It’s been two weeks of change for us here at club HQ, in a number of ways. First off, we had a great deal more downloads of the show than we were anticipating – somewhere around 250. That totally exceeded our initial target for a first episode, which left us flattered but a bit scared.

Other changes included a temporary relocation of club HQ because of a problem with Skype. That leads neatly on to a mention of our first feature interview, with Reckless Sleepers’ Mole Wetherell. Another new feature for the show, ‘Track of the Week’, sees us bring in a musical/sound interlude about half-way through, this time featuring Lancashire’s New Zealand Story. All this, on top of some new kit and a very serious feeling of second-album-syndrome, meant it was a tension filled Saturday.

But it’s all done now, and we’re really pleased with it – we hope y’all will be too. Look out for Episode 2 either here or in iTunes some time in the next 24-48 hours. In the meantime, here’s a little rasher of culture to go with your restorative cups of Sunday tea, because, the Internet loves Bacon, right?

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15. May 2011 by A_Wes
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