The Sunday Morning Hangover

At some point during the recording yesterday I realised I was a Garth – There’s a bit in Wayne’s World where he struggles to get the hang of being counted in by the camera man. I had no problem with this, I just kept forgetting that no one would be able to see me during the podcast, I kept waving at the microphone.

Garth is the one with the glasses

But it’s recorded, it’s done. So here are a few things to pass the time whilst we wait for it.


1. Graffiti might be a crime, but it’s also Kool

For me it’s the synth soundtrack and the light bondage role-play that makes being a graffiti artist seem worthwhile.


2. The True Cost of the Royal Family


3. Image of Last Week

[Insert a caption of your choice]


4. Circles Spread3 by Joshua Neal

You can find some more great work from Joshua Neal thanks to flickr.

01. May 2011 by Adam_Y
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